The Intravision Project is an ongoing pursuit investigating the fusion of spiritual or consciousness practices with creative or artistic practices ultimately leading to social and planetary transformation. This project - A Living Syllabus in Intravisionary Creative Being and Activation is a research and workshop based proposal to gather information, methods and technologies involved in building a new educational system for social change.

When awareness happens on a personal level, a person becomes an activated human being; when awareness happens on a community level, a group activation can occur. Change can only happen this way. It is a process that requires the discipline and focus that both an artist and spiritual seeker possess. From this raw material, a living syllabus can be germinated.

Intra is a prefix used to describe going within. Vision means observation or perception or the ability to see. Intravision therefore means using certain disciplines to go within and therefore observing and perceiving what is on the inside. But looking inside is just the beginning. One must develop empathetic relationships with a form of universal consciousness, a community, teachers and mentors, students, strangers, family, individuals and communities you don't currently know but can conceivably connect to. One must develop practices of deep listening and communing - with other individuals, their projects and works, and nature. One must learn to share and to lose the individual ownership of ideas. One must consider a new economy - one that involves the currency of the heart.

How does all this happen? By staging events, holding copious amounts of interviews and workshops, bringing all kinds of practitioners and healers and artists and spiritual seekers together to discuss the practical and the impractical. Performance, object making, sound making, installation, video making, instruction manuals, educational tools and practices all comes out of this development phase. It happens in public places, in libraries, in parks, in studios, galleries, museums, in schools. After school. At board meetings. A new way to do business. We get people to listen to each other and what is already in place. what is working? what is not working. Imagine a business meeting wearing blindfolds?

Perhaps we can start Building new environments for contemplation and a data base for sharing these tools and methodologies; Something that is interactive nurtures conceptual community. Conferences. more workshops. Maybe even music! Shamanism! Everyone teaching each other ways to activate the airwaves and the electromagnetic currents that are circulating around this planet with a living syllabus - a school in motion - that is deeply invested in transformative creative and spiritual practices.

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